upgrade your venue with INDOOR maps

Create good looking digital maps, sync with your existing systems and edit the map in real-time, supported by an agile and responsive team


Create and deploy indoor maps seamlessly

Convert your existing floor plans to an IMDF format, add your content and style
Add the digital maps to your website, mobile applications, and kiosk screens
Update content through our real time map editor so your data is always accurate across all your platforms
Airport wayfinding

adding interactive Maps and wayfinding is easy

Whether you are an airport, campus, office, outdoor event, retailer, warehouse or simply want to digitise your PDFs to a digital map registry, we can help get you set-up and deployed in days

Our indoor map service delivers all you need to leverage indoor maps in your applications to deliver improved visitor experiences by helping users orientate, search and navigate to their chosen destination in the most efficient way

Manage one map data source across all your digital channels - acting as a single source of truth - giving your customers, staff and partners access to the latest data all of the time

Web-based solution means set up and integration is quick and easy reducing any developer time meaning you can be benefiting from interactive maps and indoor wayfinding in days

With a full service map editor, manage map data easily and update in real-time to ensures your indoor maps are dynamic and accurate

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Choose an innovative map platform

Easy to use and deploy, the Point Maps indoor map and intelligent wayfinding platform is ideally suited for the SMART Venue

Employ our venue platform to manage data and deploy maps across multiple sites

Use intelligent wayfinding to drive optimised routes across your venues such as airports where wayfinding can be complex

Integrate maps into existing Content Management Systems and utilise maps to visualise building and venue insights

Add indoor positioning for tracking and real-time location sharing and dynamic wayfinding


Join trusted brands in upgrading your indoor map experience

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