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Content Management
• What is an indoor map?
Similar to a map that works to help you navigate outdoors from point to point, indoor mapping involves visualizing an indoor venue (e.g. airport, shopping mall, office, hospital and more) on a 2D or 3D map to help you explore, orientate and navigate indoors
• How does indoor mapping work?
Indoor maps are built using industry standard tools and typically your building floor plans will be in a CAD or PDF style format

This is then converted into a digital ready format that can be shown in a way that enables you to view all the information of the map in an easy to read format (Like Google / Apple Maps does for the outside environment)

Once your data format is ready, you then need a to integrate them into your applications to display and interact with the map

Deepening on your needs you may need wayfinding and other more complex features and that will also frame what platform you use
How long does it take to make an indoor map?
Depending on the complexity of the map, this will typically range from a couple of days to several weeks. A complex venue such as an international airport being one end of the spectrum and an office floor at the other end
Once I have the indoor map, what can I do with it?
How do you want the map to be accessed and how do you want it to be used – once this is clear, you can then go with a solution that enables you to show the map on the platforms required

The Point Maps platform is a web-based offering meaning that you can use it for mobile, websites, digital screens and kiosks without the need for complex integration
Can I use the same map for mobile, web and kiosk?
How long does it take to integrate?
Typically, a simple integration can be within a day and should there be complexities required, this can be scoped and timed accordingly
Can I change the map content?
Using Point’s content management system, you can directly edit the map content, covering fields such as name and category as well moving the location of the content. You can also manage how the content appears, at what zoom level and how it is searched for the in the category listing

You can then preview the content and publish to a live link only when you are ready to deploy fully
How do I change the colours?
The colours of the floors, walls, words and icons can all be assigned a colour – just pick from the Hex colour wheel or your brand palette and this can be applied to your map
Can I choose what content to show?
Yes, you can decide what you want to show as well as at what zoom level. For example, at an airport, when you zoom out of the map, you may only want to show the Terminal name, departure and arrivals area

You can also have one map for the visitors, passengers, customers and one map for your operational staff show different information that is tailored for different use cases
What is IMDF?
Indoor Mapping Data Format or IMDF is a map format specifically designed for the indoor environment. Paraphrasing from Apple ‘it provides a generalized, yet comprehensive model for any indoor location, providing a basis for orientation, navigation and discovery’

It is lightweight, mobile friendly, and can be rendered on any device, OS, or browser

What it allows us, is to use an indoor mapping format that is recognized and used for consumer and enterprise applications 
How do I create IMDF?
We would suggest reaching out to us directly for support, however if you would like to take it on yourself there are some good resources available
What resources are there to help me?
Dedicated resources include:

And Safe Software has some useful guides:

We are also on hand to support you

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