Examples of how our indoor maps and wayfinding platform is deployed across venues such as Airports, Hospitals and Universities

Digital Indoor Map

Airport Wayfinding for Zurich Airport and The Circle

Zurich Airport were launching their new website and wanted to have a digital map and wayfinding offering that they could integrate within their website as well linking to their existing content management system

The map and wayfinding needed to be premium, responsive and dynamic in nature so that it would work seamlessly on web and mobile formats

With the launch of the Circle, a one-of-a-kind future-orientated urban centre, ZRH needed a partner that could grow with them as they incorporated this development into the map and extend further services such as dining reservations through the map offering

Point is proud to support Zurich airport and we look forward to developing further map related services with the team

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Facilities Management Image
Logo Asito

Improving Facilities Management Delivery

Asito’s innovation team were looking at ways to transform the way they deliver their services to not only improve their efficiency but to give them a point of difference with their clients

Using a map-based application, they are now able to help their FM teams use maps to report and track issues driving more efficiency in deployment and time management

Asito are using Point’s map platform to help answer questions such as how many cleaners do they need onsite and what’s the best route plan to service this building

Point is supporting Asito as they evolve the FM industry and enhance the benefits to their clients

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Berlin Airport Map
Logo Berlin Airport

Wayfinding and Mapping for Berlin Airport

Berlin Brandenburg Airport was looking for a digital mapping solution to help passengers orientate themselves in the airport and discover what shops, restaurants and services were available to them

The terminal maps needed to be available on both the website and the mobile app so passengers can view the maps before their journey but also leverage indoor positioning once at the airport

There was also a need to have a user-friendly Content Management System allowing the airport to manage the terminal map content directly. As new shops or locations became available or when the opening hours changed, there needed to be a simple way to make changes quickly and instantly in the airport map for the website and mobile app

Passengers of Berlin Brandenburg Airport now benefit from comprehensive digital maps of both Terminals to help with their journey through the airport. Passengers can discover what the airport has to offer via the website and the mobile App. Additionally they can plan their routes and get directions via the BER airport mobile app

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University Interactive Map

University Mapping - Interactive Campus maps

The campus of SUSS is spread over several blocks and buildings and this was proving to be a wayfinding challenge for visitors to the buildings as they wanted to get to particular rooms or areas on campus

Without any interactive maps in place that could be shared and accessed at the university, there was a direct need to help staff, student and vendors access a digital map and wayfinding of the campus to complement existing physical signage

Digital wayfinding by QR code was deployed at the campus as strategic locations across the buildings enabling users to scan, download the interactive map, orientate themselves and then route to their destination

Critical elements of this deployment were loading speed of the map, being able to manage content and having flexibility going forward to add further services to the map for building intelligence needs

Point Maps is proud to be supporting this leading university in Singapore as they develop their digital offerings

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