Smart web map platform

Digital map platform that enables you to add indoor digital maps and wayfinding seamlessly into your websites, mobile and kiosk applications

Our Advantage

Superior maps
User-friendly dynamic and interactive 2D or 3D maps
Simple integration
Link based integration to simplify deployment
Real-time map editor
Comprehensive and easy to use editing engine to manage updates
Multi-language option
Different language options to support multi-lingual deployment
Indoor positioning ready
Set-up to integrate with indoor positioning technologies
Visual control
From icons to immersive photos, manage the look and feel of your maps to match brand needs

How to add maps to your platforms

Map schematic
1. Submit building floor plans
Typically in CAD format or PDF, we ingest floor plans with all the relevant asset and general building information that you would like to show
2D Map View
2. Digital map conversion
Through a mixture of automation and technical expertise, your maps are converted into usable digital assets which means you can start interacting with the maps to show the content you want
POI on Map
3. Add content
Using our comprehensive map editor or your own internal systems, you can start updating, managing and sharing data immediately
Digital Map Styling
4. Design your map
Colour code your categories, manage the thickness of the walls, determine the height or colour of the roof. There is an extensive range of options available for designing the map
Map of Assets
5. Deploy and use
Optimised for multi-platform use, deploy your maps across your applications. Visualize live data directly on the map from visitor flows to live flight data and space occupancy

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