June 18, 2021

Differentiate and personalise your Venue with indoor map features

With phased reopening times, it’s important that visitors to your venue get a clear and easy way to understand what is currently open and closed. This helps them save time and energy by finding out if their shop is open or closed with a click of a button

Opening Hours Status


You also have the option to then see the opening hours for the rest of the week so it becomes useful for future planning

Click to see the video in action of our indoor map platform and opening hours demo:

Full Week Status

Keeping visitors informed is another way where your map and directory serves a very useful Venue Management tool and keeps visitors informed of information that is personal to their needs

Offering Multi-Language options:

A feature that is often overlooked is the ability to offer multi-language capabilities. With the diverse and cosmopolitan world we live in, it’s important to offer users of your maps the ability to read the maps in their native language. This is especially in an airport environment where travellers are often stressed and having the ability to navigate around the terminal with maps that are a companion to them in their language, relieves this stress that ultimately leads to more time being spent in the retail areas contributing to the revenues at the airport

With hospitals, where patients and visitors often pre-plan their visits, having a map that talks to them in their native language, helps people feel more at ease before they arrive and helps alleviate stresses that can be highly charged considering the nature of hospitals

Language Options

Click to see the video of multi-language options in action:

We are constantly innovating of our platform with end user in mind, so we always welcome feature enhancements that can contribute to a positive user experience

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