February 27, 2023

Digital Maps and Wayfinding for Retail - Bookstores

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Digital maps drive better conversion rates for large bookstores

Digital Map For Dymocks - Bookstore


It's about connecting the shopper with the book they are looking for in the most efficient way to prevent drop-out rates in their buying journey. It's also about making the purchase process of a book a more pleasurable experience, especially in a large store, where it can be overwhelming to find your way around.

Working with the team @Dymocks, their digital team @First Digital and our partners @Engagis it's been great to see how maps are helping shoppers have a positive shopping experience. In the Sydney store there is a kiosk with a bookfinder application that helps customers see if a book is available in store; it then shows shoppers where that book can be found if it's in stock. The map is also available on the Dymocks website and offers potential customers a chance to see the location of a book if it's available.

Book Availability Check
Book Location On Store Map

Aside from navigating the store, digital maps act as another way to engage with customers before they come to the store as it can be integrated with a website and mobile application to allow customers to readily access the store map from their smartphone or other devices. This helps customers plan their visit in advance and improve their overall shopping experience.

To understand how to integrate a map into your buying experience - reach out to us indoor@point-consulting.com

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