February 4, 2022

Digital maps for the office

Point Consulting
Vacant vs Occupied desks

Half of our staff have not been in the office for the last 2 years and new joiners don’t even know where it is!

This is a common observation from HR teams and office managers as they try and ease office-based workers back into the work environment

How do digital maps fit into this journey?

There is a fundamental shift in the workplace with hybrid working becoming the norm - offices are undergoing constant changes to keep up with this dynamic. From desk configurations to who is onsite and sitting where

In many cases, desk seating and configuration is managed through excel and PDF printouts. This is no longer workable for this new environment where information is fluid and needs constant management. In addition, how do you communicate to new joiners and those returning, where they can sit or where can they find their colleagues

Digital maps are an enabler in this process, being able to visually see and search for your colleagues and select vacant desks to work from. With QR code and URL links, no app download is required so you can access the most up to date information on your office through a weblink

If you are looking at ways to help ease your office back into motion and improve elements of the experience around orientation, then digital indoor maps make a great addition to this process. With the ability to manage data dynamically and communicate this in real-time, it’s time to put away the PDFs and excel and start to visualise your information

Reach out if you want to see what we are currently doing and how you can add this tool to your workplace management

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