January 19, 2022

Integrating maps with chatbots and customer service platforms

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Maps integration with Chatbots

Maybe you are lost in a venue or just need to find something quickly - either way, we know that maps play an everyday role in helping you orientate and find your desired destination

What we have experienced in 2021 and what we expect more of going forward is the focus on integrating maps into the wider customer and visitor experience. This is to ensure location and maps do not operate in silos by providing visitors / passengers and customers the guidance they need at different parts of their personal journey in a venue

One example of a straightforward and useful integration is with chatbots or customer service platforms. Offering a conversational approach to finding information is now bolstered with the context that maps and location bring

In Zurich airport, we worked with Airport AI to offer an enhanced passenger experience by enabling users to easily access indoor maps through this customer service platform

As we push forward into 2022, we expect these integrations will become more commonplace. Maps play a key part in overall venue experience and can go far beyond taking someone from A to B or playing a directory role. Having a flexible and map platform that can work with external APIs and adapt to the ever demanding customer experience will ensure we are adding, rather than taking away from the experience

Wishing everyone a great start to 2022!

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