March 15, 2023

Keyword Search for Maps

Point Maps


The Keywords function enables users of your maps to find locations on the digital map using words and phrases that have relevance to the content they are looking for.


Keyword input: Fast Food>   Search returns: Burger King, KFC, McDonald’s….

Adding these words to your maps is now available through the Point Maps CMS and you can define these words for individual POIs or at a Category Level

1. Open the CMS - - and search for a POI or Category you want to add keywords to:

2. Add the keywords relevant to that POI or Category > press Save and Publish the map to start benefitting from a new dimension to the search experience

3. Test the keyword by typing it into the Search bar on your live map to see the result:

4. The call-out for the POI will also display all the keywords associated with that POI

For further support and guidance, please contact your relevant account manager or send an email to and we can help you add this feature to your maps

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