September 29, 2022


Point Maps

Recently we spoke with our university partner to understand how the Point Maps solution is being used on a daily basis to help with employee movements and desk allocation

For this map deployment, the power users were the Infrastructure Office team who are in charge of spatial management in the campus. This includes allocating desk locations for new employees and optimising how space is used for each department

What was the objective of using the Point Maps platform?

1.     Being able to identify efficiently the location of vacant desks and offices

2.     Having a visual overview of where each department is seating

3.     Creating scenarios to understand how possible restructuring and movements of department staff would impact the space

4.     Being able to share this information digitally

Previously these elements were being managed via excel, PDF printouts and a lot of manual graft. The university has over 900 staff members allocated to desks and offices across 9floors and 4 different blocks and the only way to see this was on an excel list, and using PDF print-outs that became out of date on a daily basis

How did the Point Maps solution tackle this challenge and provide the team with both an improved experience and ultimately a way to save time

1.     By creating a digital map detailing all the desks and offices on the campus

2.     Adding all the relevant faculty member information to the map at the desk level

3.     Styling the map to visualise departments, titles and vacant desks and offices

4.     Providing a real-time search function to enable the team to identify dynamically the location and number of vacant desks by level, block and title

5.     Enabling a shareable map via a web-link to enable other stakeholders to view on mobile or on their desktop

6.     Allowing the team to export the data in an excel format for documentation and audit purposes



Save time

Improve the workflow process and experience of the master users

Work in real-time by minimising the need to use PDF printouts

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