March 22, 2023

Out of Home Media and Digital Maps - APG | SGA and Zurich Airport

Point Maps

Advertising Spaces Leveraging off Digital Maps - APG | SGA customer story

APG Advertising Information

APG | SGA is an out of home media firm that helps customers plan and book exactly the right product to appear where your target audiences are, so you can meet your advertising goals.

With Zurich Airport a key venue for their offerings, Point Maps worked with the airport and APG to see how APG could leverage their airport map to add interactive location information of advertising spaces within the venue for a more engaging and informative product offering.

Having relied on PDF maps before to demonstrate the location of a particular product, the benefit of being able to edit information of their advertising offerings in real-time and change the locations dynamically through the Point Maps CMS means improved data management as well as ensuring product information is always up to date.

Customers also have the added benefit of viewing all of the advertising spaces on the map and understanding the different products available that may have not been apparent through a standard search, this stimulates possible cross-selling opportunities for APG as customers have the opportunity to view more potential spaces.

Working with APG has been an interesting foray into Out of Home Media and it reinforces our thoughts on how maps add another dimension to how we view and consume data.

Location plays such an important part on product placement that it now seems strange if you don't have a map!

Please contact Matt if you have particular questions on this project or other opportunities to showcase your media in a different way

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