March 31, 2021

Using QR Codes with Indoor Maps

QR Code for Point Maps

The use of QR codes is on the rise, primarily driven by the need for contactless methods of transmitting information. Are QR codes cool? That is another question and probably we aren’t best to answer it!


What we have seen is that QR codes are an extremely effective way of engaging with smartphone users– simple and easy to scan, you can deploy them wherever you want and they will direct the user to information they need


In Singapore, QR codes have now become embedded in our everyday life as they are integral to the contactless tracing efforts and as a visitor to a Mall, Office, or any venue for that matter you need to scan in to ensure access to that building. While the use of QR codes does vary from market to market due to differing levels of acceptance and awareness, we can clearly see they have a role to play in helping the contactless market thrive. Thankfully everyday has since returned to normality!


From an indoor map angle, you can now access maps 'on the go' through scanning a QR Code at an entrance to pop the map up onto your phone, all you need is internet connection, and you are up and running

Using QR Codes for wayfinding

Campus Map

In a recent deployment at a university in Singapore, we used QR codes strategically placed around the campus to act as starting points for visitors and students to navigate from

Scanning the QR code at these locations meant you could see your precise location, enabling a more effective wayfinding experience

Taking the Maps with you

Scanning to mobile

The same process applies to kiosk or static digital signage; being able to take the maps with you is a useful tool that is driven by the QR code process. You can input your route on the kiosk or desktop and then port this to your phone with a QR code

This will applicable for large and complex buildings, as there is also no need to download applications as the map will appear as webpage on your smartphone

QR codes for destination points

Using QR codes for individual locations within the venue

Being able to share information and location details to a particular point within abuilding is great for venues who are looking to make their indoor map more discoverable. This helps advertise a location as well as help users unfamiliar with the building navigate and explore more effectively. On Berlin Brandenburg’s website we see this in action, please scan the image to check it out

If you are contemplating deploying indoor maps for wayfinding, QR codes should be considered as part of the deployment; with usage soaring it is now a necessary and natural fit for accessing map information

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