October 9, 2023

Tags to track equipment and assets on a digital map

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Easily keep track of items and equipment with the PointTag

No infrastructure needed and no mobile app required. Access your items on the go via the web to know where they are, whether indoor or outdoor!

Tags to track items

Developed to save businesses both time and costs by enabling a more efficient way to find assets.

Whether this is helping staff to locate items such as wheelchairs in an airport or hospital on a daily basis or locating assets such as rental equipment on a more periodic basis, the PointTag will mitigate against the need to repurchase lost items and save staff hours when searching for items daily.

Key Features include:

Quick and Easy set up: simply attach a PointTag to your items to help locate them indoors and outdoors

Organise and find your PointTags: view all your items on one map and find them by name or category

No app needed:  PointTags are viewed on a web-based map meaning you can easily share the map with colleagues, partners and contractors

Floor detection: PointTags have been designed to identify which floor the item is on within a building, helping you to locate items inside a venue

APIs: The location of your PointTags can be retrieved via an API so that you can view the tags directly in your own applications

Integrate with Point Maps & its CMS: PointTags can be used with the Point Maps platform meaning you can leverage indoor maps, manage your PointTags to help locate items anywhere in your buildings

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