February 7, 2023

University mapping and digital wayfinding for campuses

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Campus Maps

University and School Campus Mapping

Interactive maps of Universities and Schools are considered to be an integral part of the online experience that is now being offered by these institutions

Digital maps typically refer to interactive, online maps that are designed to provide information about the campus and its surroundings. These maps are used by students, faculty members, staff, and visitors to help navigate the campus and find important buildings, facilities, and amenities. These maps can include a variety of information, such as building locations, parking lots, public transportation options, and more. They can also be integrated with other tools, such as wayfinding and accessibility features, to enhance the general campus experience regarding wayfinding signage

Why is it important to have digital maps for your campus?

Maps play an important part to help improve the experience for visitors to your campus and this is often linked to particular events, like Open Houses or Graduation days when there are a number of visitors to the campus who are unfamiliar with their surroundings. In this case having a map, with their schedule and showing them where they need to be and when helps personalise the experience and ultimately helps the event run more efficiently

Regarding general benefits that maps provide, there are a number:

  1. Improved navigation: Digital maps help students, faculty, staff, and visitors easily navigate the campus and find their way to specific buildings, facilities, and amenities
  2. Increased accessibility: Campus maps can include features such as wayfinding and accessibility information, which can be especially beneficial for individuals with disabilities
  3. Enhanced communication: University maps serve as a central source of information for the university, providing real-time updates on events, construction, and other important information
  4. Increased efficiency: Digital maps can help save time and improve efficiency by providing accurate and up-to-date information about the campus, reducing the need for printed materials and reducing the amount of time spent searching for information
  5. Improved visitor experience: Digital maps can enhance the visitor experience by providing a comprehensive overview of the campus and its surroundings, making it easier for them to find their way around and access important information

Fuss free deployment of Interactive Maps

Interactive Campus Maps

Being able to use interactive maps without the need to download a mobile application is another critical requirement for many schools and universities as they look to benefit from digital signage in the quickest and most efficient way possible

With the map and wayfinding applications that can be used by QR code or simply opening up a web page through the school or university's webpage means sharing digital maps is easier than ever and this is particularly important when time is at a premium for many teams who are in charge of the map process

For campus maps, QR codes can be strategically placed with a sticker around high footfall areas or places where signage is poor, meaning with a quick scan on your phone, you can know where you are and where you need to be at the speed of a regular page download

QR code map

For those integrating venue and indoor maps into their website, this is low code work making the process very quick, meaning you can start benefitting right away from digital and campus wayfinding

University Maps as tools for visualising data

Desk Management Indoor Maps

Going beyond Campus Mapping and Digital Wayfinding, interactive maps can also be used to showcase key information that is often dymamic within the campus

Indoor Maps are being used to visualise desk vacancies for HR and Workplace management support. They are also being used to connect staff and students more effectively especially when the staff role is over 500!

Room booking and others are just a start to the many applications that digital maps can support to improve efficiencies at the campus

If you are searching for more information on university mapping and campus wayfinding, then please do reach out to Andrew @Point Maps to start your mapping journey now

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