April 6, 2021

Using Digital Maps to Improve the Buyer Experience

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Visual of Marina Bay Sands by Adrian Agawin

Using Indoor Maps to support promotional and advertising opportunities in Venues

This piece is directed at venues and their partners who market and show advertising and promotional opportunities within the venue. From digital displays to promotional spaces, digital maps provide an opportunity for venues to improve the experience of the media buyer as well as that of the marketing and promotional teams who can share and update key data on their venue dynamically

Typically, a venue will show advertising, sponsorship and marketing opportunities as a list on their website or in thumbnail tiles and while this describes the opportunity, the location of that opportunity is harder for the buyer to visualise

Having a digital map helps elevate this experience and increase potential buyer engagement as an interactive map can clearly showing the locations of all the promotional and advertising opportunities, not only as standalone items but in the context of the traveller journey, the surrounding shops, fixtures and other areas that may directly impact the decision for the buyer. The map itself is dynamic in nature and mobile optimised so data can be shared and viewed in a user-friendly way, meaning that it provides another channel for communication and data sharing that can be kept up-to date

Adding location to the opportunity to help visualise and share information

Viewable and shareable in desktop or mobile view

For large public venues such as train stations, stadiums, airports and more, the ability to showcase the venue and make it discoverable for users opens up further avenues for cross-selling opportunities and adding premiums to these opportunities

Also, with a map platform that can be delivered through a URL link, the map and all relevant information can be added to your corporate website seamlessly and shared as a link in communications (even as a QR code)with potential customers

As a quick sum-up, leveraging off a map has the ability to benefit the advertising and promotional teams by:

  • Providing location context to your promotional and advertising opportunities
  • Supporting the sales efforts through an improved digital experience
  • Making it easier to manage and add information about each location dynamically
  • Improving on a static PDF detail sheet or map that needs to be updated and republished
  • Offering a real-time view of media slots available, adding another channel to drive a buying decision
  • Gaining analytics on buyer searches through the maps

How to add this functionality to your website

In simple terms, it is case of transferring information already in your website / promotional material and adding a location data to this information so it can be visualised on a digital map

The management of this information can then be managed in real-time through in-house systems or our own content management system, where you can add visuals and videos linked to specific locations as well as more granular information such as availability, pricing and more

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