March 19, 2021

Using Point Maps with Microsoft Teams

Point Consulting
Microsoft Teams and Point Maps

Deploy Point Maps in Microsoft Teams

As well as delivering digital maps for your website, app and kiosks, Point Maps can now be integrated into Microsoft Teams (Desktop and Mobile app), giving companies a simple way to deliver office and campus maps to their employees and partners

Deploying is easy with our custom application that will showcase the venue or buildings with a click of a button

Increase reach through Teams

By using Point Maps through Teams, you are able to leverage off an existing channel through which to reach your staff and partners. This makes the use of maps convenient to users and drives greater engagement

Different users need different maps

Whether to help new staff during their onboarding and general orientation or helping office workers find meeting rooms and operational teams to visualise space management-type data, it is clear that different sets of employees need different data on their maps

By using the Point Maps for Teams, you can provide the maps most relevant to improve the employee experience as well as supporting business decisions

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