June 14, 2022

What is wayfinding to you? Using Digital Maps effectively

Point Consulting

You would think that by running a map and wayfinding platform we would have a good handle on what wayfinding is

Well yes and no, we are clear in terms of what we offer, but really, it’s all about how our partners and clients envision digital wayfinding for them and their users

Within our space, the tendency is always to jump to the most complex and, dare we say it convoluted solution, to solve a wayfinding challenge where the simplest 'route' is often the most impactful

The starting point for many venues, whether an airport, university, retail store, exhibition center, museum and more is an online PDF map or a map in a handout. It’s clear that while there is still a place for a printout map, an online PDF map has limited value when your visitors are accessing information about your venue through their mobiles. Being able to search and find information efficiently about your venue is critical to the overall digital experience

It's worth noting people use digital maps for many different reasons. For some, this is to explore a location, find out what shops and services are available and plan their journey through the venue. In the context of an airport, you can plan your way to your gate, see what is available to you along the way so you can access shops/food/services quickly and efficiently

In the case of museums, it may be about creating multi-destination route which takes you through the places you are particularly interested in, all within the time period you have available

What is also true is that not all users of a map within a venue need to have precise indoor positioning, tracking their every move and routing them dynamically to their end destination - the reality is most venues do not want their visitors with their head in their phones; the map is a tool to support your venue experience

Wayfinding means different things depending on the use cases. What is fundamental is that if you want to let people explore your venue and locate a chosen destination, you do need to have a map that is functional on a phone, that can be kept up to date and be used as a tool to support ‘wayfinding’.

With most individuals wanting to explore the venue and orientate quickly to find a particular shop or where the toilets are, just making that first step to a searchable map can be the most impactful change

Start step by step and you’ll see the benefit

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