May 26, 2021

Using an Indoor Map Platform for useful Venue communication

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Location of Covid Testing Area - Airport

Using maps to communicate important messages in your Venue

One of the big challenges for Venues in these COVID times is being able to manage the shifting requirements and needs that need to be put inplace operationally for their buildings and then being able to communicate these changes effectively to the visitors and users of their buildings

Invariably when a Venue such as an airport, workplace, university, or hospital needs to communicate a message that concerns visitorsentering their building or campus area, there is a location component associated to this information

From helping travellers find out where they can buy PPE equipment to where they ought to go to get Covid Testing done, in the interests of navigating individuals efficiently and with the minimum fuss, maps and wayfinding can play a crucial role

QR code to the maps

How best to engage with visitors and get your messages across?

What venues don’t want, especially in airports is travellers congregating around message boards or information counters. They need to find other ways to engage with their travellers

We have talked about QR codes before, and it remains an effective way of communicating information to people. Not only are we used to dealing with QR codes due to track and trace but it also does not require us to download an app to access relevant information

How to start using Indoor Maps for communicating changes for your Venue?

1.     First you need an indoor map that accurately depicts your venue so people can use it to understand where they need to get to

2.     You need to be able to deploy this map through mediums such as a mobile app, QR codes and your website

3.     And most importantly you need to be able to make temporary edits and update information in real-time so that users can see information that is relevant for them

We have also talked about our integration with Microsoft Teams before but being able to see the map of your building when discussing operational decisions that have a location context such as areas that may need to be segregated or zoned off, is also a useful benefit

The benefit for Venues is that maps and location delivered in the right way will drive a positive experience for users as it will save people time getting around the building and help prevent queues and gatherings.

Also being able to manage temporary additions such as a pop-up locations and communicating updated Covid Hours is also important for visitors who are pre-planning their journeys

Helping to reduce the stress of any visitor passing through the Venue is at the forefront now of every Venue operators mind and having effective ways of communicating with visitors and giving them the control to find all information that is relevant to them is beneficial for all

Indoor Map platforms are more than a map and directory, they support venue management and are key drivers towards whether your visitors will have a positive experience

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